The Fair Housing Five

A new book for children

Fair Housing Five

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has recently released their latest issue of Evidence Matters, which spotlights various current fair housing challenges and solutions. This edition focuses on how the face of housing discrimination has changed since 1968. Before civil rights legislation was passed, discrimination was blatant and explicit. Today, however, it often occurs as “discrimination with a smile,” a more subtle form of discrimination that can often be hard to identify. The issue also focuses on the importance of education and enforcement efforts in illuminating and ending unfair housing practices.

The Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center is featured on page 17, which shows students playing our fair housing board game–one of a few youth workshops we use to teach kids of all ages about the effects of discriminatory housing. Learn more about the Fair Housing Five workshops here.

Click here to read the full report of HUD’s Spring/Summer 2014 issue of Evidence Matters: Transforming Knowledge Into Housing and Community Development Policy.


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