The Fair Housing Five

A new book for children

Since 2010, GNOFHAC has taught about civil rights to hundreds of students in the greater New Orleans area using GNOFHAC’s original children’s book, The Fair Housing Five & the Haunted House! This would not have been possible without our partnerships with educators, schools, and community centers that collaborated with us in the creation of the initiative, and welcomed us into their classrooms or community centers to facilitate meaningful workshops, despite their busy schedules.

Among the many educators and advocates that have collaborated with us, here are a few of our Fair Housing Five stars:

MBMs. Monique Butler, Audubon Charter School

Ms. Butler has been an integral part of the creation and implementation of the Fair Housing Five youth initiative since 2010.  Ms. Butler, an elementary school educator at Audubon Charter School in New Orleans, assisted GNOFHAC staff in forming youth workshops that are engaging, meaningful, age appropriate, and ignite social change.  Ms. Butler has since welcomed GNOFHAC staff into her classroom each school year for a three-day workshop with her awesome students and their parents and guardians.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMs. Rowan Shafer, Morris Jeff Community School  

Ms. Rowan Shafer, an elementary school educator at Morris Jeff Community School in New Orleans, was also a fundamental collaborator in the creation of the Fair Housing Five initiative.  Ms. Shafer assisted GNOFHAC staff in developing the children’s book as well as the workshops through a series of focus groups and workshops with students.  Ms. Shafer’s insight and guidance were imperative in the creation of the Fair Housing Five initiative.  She has continued her commitment to fair housing youth education by partnering with GNOFHAC staff for a workshop each academic year.

Mr. Paul Becnel, Alice M. Harte Charter School

Mr. Becnel, an educator at Alice M. Harte Charter School in New Orleans, has been a Fair Housing Five partner since the fall of 2011.  Mr. Becnel has partnered with GNOFHAC to facilitate countless workshops with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 8th grade students respectively throughout each academic year.  Mr. Becnel has also incorporated fair housing and civil rights education into his annual curriculum and exams.

We can’t thank these Fair Housing Five stars and all of our other partners enough for continuing to support GNOFHAC’s mission to end housing discrimination!

How can YOU help?

In honor of Fair Housing Five Month, GNOFHAC wants more young people to read The Fair Housing Five and get excited about ending discrimination, and you can help make it happen! You or your business/organization can donate a copy of The Fair Housing Five to a school of your choice, and GNOFHAC will deliver it!

Click here donate a book (or a few!) to a school in your community, or contact Education Coordinator, Sophie Rosen, here. If you’re an educator that is interested in introducing your students to civil rights issues through Fair Housing Five workshops, email

For more information about the book and the accompanying workshops, visit!


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