The Fair Housing Five

A new book for children

Map drawn by student

A New Generation of City Planners

In October, we conducted two workshops with imaginative first graders at Alice Harte Charter School using The Fair Housing Five & the Haunted House.  First, we read the book with the children and then designed maps of neighborhoods we would like to live in.  Throughout the activity, the students were incredibly creative in considering of all the resources they would like in their dream neighborhood, like fire stations, amusement parks, bookstores, pools, hospitals, malls, libraries, and more. Notably, the students included a range of housing options on their maps such as single family homes, shotgun doubles, and apartment buildings.  Displaying a strikingly clear understanding of the importance of integrated communities, most students said that the variety of housing options would meet the needs of their family and friends to so that they could all live in the same neighborhood. The maps will be displayed in the halls of Alice Harte Charter School this month.  First graders’ visions for integrated communities made us look forward to the day when they will serve as a new generation of city planners!

Expanding The Fair Housing Five & the Haunted House to Ohio

We’re excited to share that the Fair Housing Five has made its way to Ohio! This fall, we conducted a workshop for some wonderful fair housing advocates from the Fair Housing Resource Center, Inc. of Painesville, Ohio. They came to visit us in New Orleans, purchased copies of The Fair Housing Five & the Haunted House to distribute in their community, and got tips on how to lead their own fair housing youth workshops in Ohio. We are excited to know that more students throughout the country will soon know Samaria and her friends’ story!

Interested in purchasing copies of GNOFHAC’s full-color, illustrated children’s book The Fair Housing Five & the Haunted HouseVisit the website today.  You can also contact our Education Coordinator Sophie Rosen for more information about available resources, trainings and interactive workshops to accompany the book.



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